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NEMA Crusher Duty Cast Iron, TEFC
Standard Features
- NEMA Premium Efficiency Design "C"
- 6 Lead - 460V
- Drive-end Roller Bearings
- Oversized Bearings on DE & ODE
- 1.15 Service Factor
- 40°C Ambient Temperature Rating
- All Position Mounting Ready
- VPI Lap Wound Coil
- Wye-Delta Wound
- 4140 Carbon Steel Shaft
- Zerk Fitting Regreasable Bearing
- Full Cast Iron Construction
- Double Lip Oil Seal on DE & ODE
- Rubber Slinger
- Split Conduit Box is 90° Rotatable
- F1 to F2 Field Convertible (Shipped F1)
- Shear Stabilized Polyurea Grease
- Class F Insulation with Class H Stator
- EISA Compliant
- 24 Month Warranty from Purchase Date
Key Description Key Description
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Part NumberMotor GroupFrame SizeHPRPMVoltageList PriceMultiplier CodeDownload
OX3-CI-TF-405T-6-RR-E-75Definite Purpose405T75.012003 Phase US7978-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-365T-4-RR-E-75Definite Purpose365T75.018003 Phase US6801-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-444T-6-RR-E-100Definite Purpose444T100.012003 Phase US12373-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-405T-4-RR-E-100Definite Purpose405T100.018003 Phase US8168-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-445T-6-RR-E-125Definite Purpose445125.012003 Phase US13665-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-444T-4-RR-E-125Definite Purpose444T125.018003 Phase US12417-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-447T-6-RR-E-150Definite Purpose447T150.012003 Phase US17273-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-445T-4-RR-E-150Definite Purpose445T150.018003 Phase US14845-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-449T-6-RR-E-200Definite Purpose449T200.012003 Phase US21594-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-447T-4-RR-E-200Definite Purpose447T200.018003 Phase US18559-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-449T-4-RR-E-250Definite Purpose449T250.018003 Phase US21060-datasheet
OX3-CI-TF-449T-4-BR-E-300Definite Purpose449T300.018003 Phase US21060-datasheet